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School Lunch Menus

Article 24: Governments must provide nutritious food and an education on health and well-being so that children stay healthy.

We have given below our lunch menu for you to view. Please note that the menu may vary from what has been advertised due to supplies.

Spring and Summer Menu 2024

Packed Lunches

We have developed a school ‘Packed Lunch’ policy. This explains the kinds of food and drink that can be included in children’s lunch boxes provided from home.

Packed Lunch Information Sheet

Packed Lunch Policy

Handy Hints

Information on Biscuits
Information on Crisps
Information on Dilute Juice
Information on Flavoured Water
Information on Juice Cartons

We have an obligation to ensure that packed lunches are not seen as a ‘better’ option than school meals and by that it means that unhealthy, high fat, sugar and salt content foods should not be brought to school in packed lunches. The policy has been drawn up, has been reviewed by the SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group), been sent home to parents of our packed lunch children and is to be discussed and approved by Governors at their next Curriculum Committee meeting, after which it will be made available on this website.

The Packed Lunch Policy has been developed using advice from the Department for Education on the standards for planning and providing food in schools ‘School food in England 2015’. A copy of which is provided below.

School Food in England Information