School Council

Article 13: Every child must be free to express their thoughts and opinions and to access all kinds of information, as long as it is within the law.

The School Council is composed of 2 representatives from Reception to Year 6. During the first weeks of term all classes invite prospective school council reps to give a speech to the class explaining how they will represent their views on the school council.

Each class then has a democratic secret ballot for Key Stage 2 and a blind count for Key Stage 1 to choose their representatives.  This is linked to our promotion of British Values.

The school council meets around twice every half term and considers all aspects of school life. They have been involved in interviewing prospective teachers, decided on spending priorities and designs to improve the school grounds, and help to organise fund raising events for both school and the wider community. They also regularly discuss school issues and factors affecting teaching and learning that children have raised.

Recent School Council meeting outcomes/plans:

  • Working together to choose and provide new playground markings for our school outdoor area. Together we decided to select the ‘premium roadway’ for the children at Rosa Street to enjoy.
  • Working with the Rights Respecting group to help develop anti-bullying strategies and promote positive playtimes by encouraging collaborative play in the school so ALL children feel safe.
  • We have arranged to work with The NSPCC’S ‘Speak out. Stay safe’ Our School Council will be holding a fundraising event to support the NSPCC, and make decisions regarding workshops in the run up to the programme to ensure that children at Rosa Street are giving the knowledge and understanding they need to help them stay safe.
  • We are also aiming this year to develop partnerships with the Spennymoor Town Council and other local agencies to allow children to make a positive difference in their local community.

School Council Update