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Our Class Work

This term we have been extremely busy in Reception! We started the term off with a ‘Stay and Play’ with our parents, showing them how we explore and learn through play in Reception.


Our topic ‘All about Me’ during our first half term in Reception allowed us to learn all about ourselves, our families and each other. We enjoyed making self-portraits using the playdough and loose parts, and drawing and labelling who lives in our family home.


Reception enjoyed their first trip to ‘Burton Woods’ – linking to our careers focus of builders and construction workers. We looked at how new homes are built and the different workers involved.


Reception worked hard on their balancing skills during ‘Bike Ability’, and discussed bike safety to allow us to feel more confident and safe on our bikes.


We focused on our ‘feelings and emotions’ during our ‘All about Me’ topic. We discussed and explored a range of different emotions and why we might experience feeling that way. We then made our own feelings face with pasta shapes!


We read the story ‘Charlie the Firefighter’ linking to Gender Equality. We drew and discussed what we would like to be when we are older.


Reception had an amazing time during our whole school ‘Careers Afternoon’. We had some special visitors talk to us about their special role/job.


We explored our creative side relating to Halloween! We enjoyed making some scary bat cupcakes, and using a range of different art materials. We also carved our own Pumpkins!


Celebrating Bonfire Night making our own foil sparklers, edible sparklers, firework painting pictures and bonfires!


Reception enjoyed creating our glow in the dark butterflies for Rosa Street Lumiere!


For Anti – Bullying Week Reception looked at how to be a good friend and kind to one another. As a class we created a class friendship tree, sorted pictures, and drew our own picture on how to be a good friend.


Pudsey Bear cupcake making to support Children in Need!


Reception had their first visit to the Town Hall to commemorate Remembrance Day.


We had a great week focusing on ‘Autumn’. We looked at the lives of hedgehogs, and created our own salt dough hedgehogs! We also made some ‘Autumn’ head crowns, and some bird feeders.


Reception have been enjoying their start to Christmas festivities! We have enjoyed a craft afternoon with parents, Elf day and decorating our class Christmas tree!


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