Reception – Miss Bennett

Welcome to Reception

Our Class Work

We used our junk modeling to decorate and make gifts. We then wrapped the gifts and put them under the Christmas tree.


At Christmas we went to the Town Hall to visit Santa. We told him what we would like for Christmas and got a lovely gift from him.


We used wool and string to create our own baubles. We wrapped the sting and wool around the cardboard circle making a patterns as the wool and string crossed over. We used different colours to make different patterns.


We were given a beautiful felt Christmas tree this year. After decorating our big class Christmas tree we added all of the small felt decorations to our small Christmas tree. This looked super in our home corner next to the fireplace.


In Reception we love Numberblocks! After watching the Stampolines episode we used multi-link cubes to make our own stampolines. We connected the cubes together in different ways to make different shapes. We used the same number of cubes each time but we looked at the different ways we could show the number.


In class we had looked at the Diwali festival of lights and Durham Lumiere. We decided as a class to create our own lanterns. We used empty milk bottles as the base and decorated them by adding brightly coloured and shiny paper. We then snapped the glowsticks and put them in the bottles. As a class we went and put the bottles on the fence for everyone to see.


As a class we enjoyed going out on to the big yard and practicing our gross motor skills. We took out the big skimming rope. We practiced moving through the space, running, jumping, hopping, going under and over the still and moving skipping rope.


During our ‘Celebrations’ topic we looked at Diwali. We completed lots of fun tasks and activities. One of our favourite things was making and painting our very own diva/diya. We worked really hard to manipulate the clay, it was very tough.


In Reception we have been looking at how to stay healthy. We looked at different types of food and how hey can be good for our body because they are healthy or if we should only eat a little of these foods as they are unhealthy. We used this information to make a healthy fruit salad in class. We definitely liked the peaches best. In out classroom provision we used knives and shopping boards to slice fruits and vegetables. We enjoyed playing in our own healthy kitchen.


During the beginning of November we looked at bonfire night and how it is celebrated. Children created their own firework pictures using paint, forks and toilet role tubes.


Autumn is a very exciting time of they year. We loved all of the changes we could see around school. As a class we went on a walk around the school grounds and see what we could collect from our autumn check list. We put our leaves to good use in the classroom making prints, patterns and leaf rubbings with crayons and paint.


We had a very exciting visit from our local firefighter. The children spoke to the firefighters about their job and what they do. They also looked the different equipment that firefighters use as well as getting to try their coats and helmets. The children then used the firehoses. It was a wonderful afternoon and the firefighters even showed us the siren and lights.


The children loved meeting our class pets Teddy and Bear. They do a fantastic job taking care of them.


Our lovely Reception children on their first day at Rosa Street.


During our final week of Spring term we enjoyed a fun filled Easter week. We enjoyed our outdoor egg hunt, painting and decorating hard boiled eggs for our school competition and making Easter cards for our family

We took part in Crazy Hair Day to raise money for Red Nose Day!

Reception worked super hard on their home learning activities! Our topic work at home was based on ‘Plants and Growing’. We enjoyed reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ creating our own junk modelling castles, planting seeds and ‘Supertato’ retelling the story and making Supertato himself!

During December we enjoyed celebrating Elf Day and creating our wooden snowmen and reindeers which were individually cut to the same height as us.

We had a great week celebrating  Diwali! We used gems, ribbons and bright colours to decorate our class temple. We enjoyed looking at and trying on traditional Diwali clothes. We practised creating Mehndi patterns, made our own diva lamps out of clay and learning about different cultures and religions across the world.

We enjoyed painting Poppy fields and learning all about the importance of Remberance Day

Developing our fine motor skills through pumpkin carving!



Spring Chicks!

Reception enjoyed a lovely visit from some spring chicks! We enjoyed holding them, they were so fluffy!

Stick Insects

We also learnt all about stick insects! We enjoyed learning about their habitat and holding them, they had long bodies!

Herb Garden

Our topic this half term is ‘Growing’. Reception have enjoyed creating a herb garden for our garden centre. We have been learning all about different plants, vegetables and herbs and have enjoyed planting this half term, making sure they have enough water, and watching them grow and change over time.

Spring trip to Hardwick Park

We had a fantastic time on our class trip this term. We visited Hardwick Park to learn all about the signs of Spring.

We saw daffodils and snowdrops and enjoyed feeding the ducks.

Climbing Frame!

Reception have been developing their physical skills on the climbing frame. We have been experimenting with different ways of moving and traveling with confidence.

World Book Day!

We had a great time celebrating World Book Day! We focused on the story ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’. We each dressed up as a colour crayon, and enjoyed completing lots of fun and exciting activities based on the story.

New class hamsters

This term Reception rescued two baby hamsters! We set up their cage ready for them joining us. We thought carefully about their names and each wrote a special name down and put them all in the name box to be picked out. Our new class hamsters are called Chocolate and Chip!

Cress heads

Reception enjoyed creating their own ‘Cress Egg Heads’ to link with our ‘growing’ topic this half term. The children enjoyed drawing a face on their egg shell, adding damp cotton wool and sprinkling our cress seeds on the top! We have enjoyed watching the cress grow into hair!

Pancake Day!

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday Reception made their own pancakes! We had to weigh out the flour, add the correct amount of milk and eggs. We worked together to mix it into a good consistency. They were super tasty and we tried a range of toppings.

Snow Day!

We had a great time exploring the snow in our Early Years outdoor classroom. We enjoyed working together to create a class snowman! We used conkers from our loose parts area for the eyes, mouth and buttons and used sticks for the arms!

Valentine’s Day Stay and Play

We had an amazing afternoon at Reception’s Valentine’s Day Stay and Play. The children made lots of crafts for their loved ones with members of their family. It was so lovely to see an adult there for every child in Reception. They made Valentine’s Day cards, biscuits, love bugs and bookmarks.

Sports Intra

We joined in with an Intra School Sport Day. We aimed to improve our personal best.  Our focus was Athletics and we used our running, throwing and jumping skills.

Fire Service Visit

We enjoyed our visit from the local fire service. We had a talk with the local fireman who gave us safety tips on how to keep safe. We enjoyed trying on his helmet and talking into his walkie talkie! We even had a sit in the fire engine!

This term we have been extremely busy in Reception! We started the term off with a ‘Stay and Play’ with our parents, showing them how we explore and learn through play in Reception.

New Year Resolution Wands

We started the year off with New Year Resolution wands! We thought carefully about what our new year resolution would be, and tried very hard to write these down/draw a picture in our star. We created a wand and decorated them.



Our topic ‘All about Me’ during our first half term in Reception allowed us to learn all about ourselves, our families and each other. We enjoyed making self-portraits using the playdough and loose parts, and drawing and labelling who lives in our family home.


Reception enjoyed their first trip to ‘Burton Woods’ – linking to our careers focus of builders and construction workers. We looked at how new homes are built and the different workers involved.


Reception worked hard on their balancing skills during ‘Bike Ability’, and discussed bike safety to allow us to feel more confident and safe on our bikes.


We focused on our ‘feelings and emotions’ during our ‘All about Me’ topic. We discussed and explored a range of different emotions and why we might experience feeling that way. We then made our own feelings face with pasta shapes!


We read the story ‘Charlie the Firefighter’ linking to Gender Equality. We drew and discussed what we would like to be when we are older.


Reception had an amazing time during our whole school ‘Careers Afternoon’. We had some special visitors talk to us about their special role/job.


We explored our creative side relating to Halloween! We enjoyed making some scary bat cupcakes, and using a range of different art materials. We also carved our own Pumpkins!


Celebrating Bonfire Night making our own foil sparklers, edible sparklers, firework painting pictures and bonfires!


Reception enjoyed creating our glow in the dark butterflies for Rosa Street Lumiere!


For Anti – Bullying Week Reception looked at how to be a good friend and kind to one another. As a class we created a class friendship tree, sorted pictures, and drew our own picture on how to be a good friend.


Pudsey Bear cupcake making to support Children in Need!


Reception had their first visit to the Town Hall to commemorate Remembrance Day.


We had a great week focusing on ‘Autumn’. We looked at the lives of hedgehogs, and created our own salt dough hedgehogs! We also made some ‘Autumn’ head crowns, and some bird feeders.


Reception have been enjoying their start to Christmas festivities! We have enjoyed a craft afternoon with parents, Elf day and decorating our class Christmas tree!


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