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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent Statement – Learning Together 

At Rosa Street Primary School we believe that ‘learning together’ ensures that we all achieve from our unique starting points. This underpins our school developments – Learning, Achieving, Growing, Sharing and Working Together.

We ensure that children receive a broad and balanced education through the Rosa Street school curriculum. We work together as a team to ensure that this curriculum is cohesive and builds upon skills within each year group.  We want our pupils to achieve across all subject areas so that they have ‘choices’ when they move onto their next phase in education. We want them to be proficient and confident in all subjects. We recognise the importance of reading so that all pupils can access information. We want all our children to be able to read fluently by the time they leave our school. We want to instil in children a love of reading that is with them forever.

We want our pupils to be successful learners with high aspirations inspired by the many careers they have learned about during their time in our school. We want to develop in our pupils enquiring minds and a desire for lifelong learning because we recognise that we are preparing pupils for jobs that may not even exist yet.  We want them to be ambitious and achieve their full potential. We hope to provide them with a range of experiences which should enrich the curriculum and motivate the very best from them.

Through our Rights Respecting ethos we want our pupils to become active members of their communities – ensuring everyone is respected and treated equally. The fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance are an integral part of our curriculum. We are a fully inclusive as a school and we want our pupils to take this with them in their future lives beyond Rosa Street. This is further developed through our work with ‘Educate and Celebrate’ where we celebrate our differences and educate pupils about identities and relationships. Our work with the ‘International Schools Project’ seeks to promote local, national and global awareness. We educate our children about learning and the skills they need to develop to become successful learners through ‘Think like a learner’. We educate our children about the power of ‘yet’ in order to be able to build resilience and understand the power of ‘not giving up’. Determination and resilience is key to lifelong learning.

Further details about our curriculum are outlined below and if you would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact the school. Our curriculum in action can be seen on the class pages on our website and through the twitter feed.


The National Curriculum from September 2014

The National Curriculum for England changed from September 2014. Further details are available at