Year 6 – Mrs Harrison & Mr Broadhurst

Welcome to Year 6

Our Class Work


Pig’s hearts investigation

As part of our work on ‘Animals Including Humans’ topic, we had the opportunity to dissect real pig’s hearts. We found out that a pig’s heart is very similar to that of an adult’s. We were able to see the chambers of the heart, the septum and we investigated the valves in great detail. It was great!


Making Blood

We identified the four components of blood: Red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets and then attempted to create our own. We used Cheerios to represent the red blood cells and Rice Krispies to represent the white blood cells.


Mould Investigation

We have been learning how to grow mould in our Science lessons over the past two weeks. We considered which environments would be the best for mould to grow.


Osmosis and Diffusion

We looked at the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals and humans. It wasn’t long before the shell could be removed from the egg without actually touching it!



In Art we will be focusing on water colour painting using artwork from Roland Pitchford as inspiration. Pupils will learn to use a range of brush types in order to achieve a desired effect and develop effective mixing skills to create specific colours in a palette.



Pupils developed their knowledge of the Muslim faith in the local area focusing on where Muslims go to prayer, what celebrations they take part in and the moral code Muslims follow.  They were able to make links to the other religious groups they have studied in primary school to find similarities and differences.



Children researched pneumatics before using the information they found out to create their own cannon.


Hoop Starz

Year 6 enjoyed developing their hula hooping during their Hoop Starz session.