Year 6 – Mrs Harrison & Mr Broadhurst

Welcome to Year 6

Our Class Work


We had a culture day in school. Olivia’s Abuela taught us Spanish songs and we tried some Spanish food.


Letters to Downing Street

We wrote to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ask him to act upon deforestation. We even received a reply from him! Our acts can make a real difference to the world in which we live!



We had a Quidditch day in school. It was very competitive! We were even sorted into our houses by The Sorting Hat.


Our climate change presentations.

World war 2 Day

As part of our History topic, Year 6 will had their own  World War 2 day in school. Our plan was to give the children an authentic day – as if they were actually living through World War 2. We ‘built’ our very own Anderson Shelter and we challenged children to use their ration books to plan and deliver a meal that would typically be eaten by families during the war. The children needed to plan their menus, cost ingredients and then go shopping to purchase everything they need. Once the children had the ingredients they needed, they worked together to prepare and cook a delicious two-course meal.  

Children came to school dressed in ‘typical’ clothing of the era. They looked amazing! Each child was provided with their very own gas mask which they needed to keep with them throughout the day – as they just never knew when the air raid siren would go off! 

Sam and Grace (our PCSO’s) came back to visit us this week. They came and took our fingerprints. It was so interesting to learn that each of our fingerprints are different. No two are ever the same!

Police Station Visit

Year 6 had a great time visiting the Police Station. We got to visit the cells, sound the sirens and sit in the back of a Police van. Thankfully we were able to leave at the end of the morning!


Living things and their habitats

We researched different types of bacteria and we carried out an investigation where we identified the best conditions in which we could grow mould. We found out that it grew in damp and warm conditions.

Osmosis and Diffusion

We looked at the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals and humans. It wasn’t long before the shell could be removed from the egg without actually touching it!



We love reading our new books – in the bath!


We had great fun making chocolate crispie cakes. It was even more fun when we got to eat them!