Year 5 – Mrs Gibbons

Welcome to Year 5

Our Class Work

Christmas Crafts

Year 5 had a fantastic time creating some wonderful Christmas crafts for friends and family.


As part of our work on remembrance week, we have been reading and performing the poem ‘In Flanders’ Fields’.


In our work in Science this term we’ve been investigating the effect of temperature on dissolving. We planned our own experiment and thought about the variables we needed to keep the same and the variables we needed to change in order to make it a fair test. Not all of us got the results we expected!

We’ve been getting to grips with maps in Year 5. We’ve learnt how to use a scale to calculate distance between different areas of the world where volcanoes are found. We found it tricky at first, but with a bit of perseverance and team work we managed to succeed in the end!

We’ve really enjoyed learning all about texture and shading in our Art lessons this term. We researched the work of artist Dan Pyle (who’s known for his realistic work in charcoal) and produced some sketches of Mayan temples.


We’ve been enjoying making links between Maths and Science by learning about mass and weight. We read the scale on Newton meters, recorded our findings in a table and used our knowledge of forces to explain the work of Isaac Newton.


We used a range of skills and equipment to make our Viking longboats out of clay. We did lots of research into their design so that we could make our replicas as accurate as possible!


Year 5 proved they were computing experts when they used Scratch to program their Microbits.


Year 5 showcased their knowledge of everything space related in our class assembly. We really enjoyed sharing our learning with parents.


We’ve loved seeing the children’s homework this term and we’re looking forward to some more creative homework next term based around our Vikings topic.