Year 5 – Miss C Simpson

Welcome to Year 5

Christmas Crafts

We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas Crafts afternoon! We loved welcoming our adults in to school, we created a variety of crafts!

RE – Autumn Term

In RE this term we have looked at the themes of Christmas. We discussed the ways Christians celebrate Christmas and how this is similar/different to how we celebrate. We identified the key themes of Christmas such as love, peace and giving. We also visited St Pauls Church to further develop our knowledge

PE – Gymnastics – Autumn Term

In PE this term we practiced our acrobatic gymnastic skills. We practiced different skills and had to ensure we were coordinated with out partners. We had to create a final piece in synchronisation with our partner made up of 5 gymnastics skills. We developed our team work skills within this topic!

DT – Autumn term

In DT this half term we constructed our own structures. We looked at the Eiffel Tower and other famous buildings for inspiration! We used cocktail sticks and clay to hold our structures together.

Art – Autumn Term

In Art we have been looking at the work of Dan Pyle, we used charcoal to create our own pieces of artwork. We practiced different skills such as shading and cross hatching.


Science – Autumn Term

In Science we have been looking at materials and their properties. We have conducted several experiments such as separating mixtures and finding out if a material is reversible or irreversible.