Year 4 – Mrs Wilson

Welcome to Year 4

Our Class Work

Christmas Crafts

We made cards, salt dough decorations and glitter crafts in preparation for Christmas.

Christmas Party

We had an amazing afternoon celebrating our Christmas party together in Year 4. We played lots of party games, had dancing competitions and enjoyed an ice cream treat at the end of the day.

Design & Technology

We have been learning how to make catapults as we now know the Romans used them as a weapon to invade foreign lands. After, we tested our catapults to see how effective they were and then made changes to make them better.


In PE, we have been learning to control, aim and shoot a football against a target in the ‘On the attack’ game. We have been developing our defending and attacking skills in order to work as a team to win the game.



In Science, we have been experimenting with sound using a drum and a tuning fork. We have discovered how sound is created from vibrations which create sound waves.

We have made our own TV programs about our knowledge of sound.


We have been learning how to make rhythms using a variety of beat patterns on a Djembe drum.


We are learning how to vary our pace and speed when running in athletics this term. In addition, we are practising our jumping and throwing skills in order to reach the further distance.

During our PE sessions, we have been developing our football skills and techniques. We have been practising our travelling, shooting, turning and passing skills in the ‘On The Attack’ core task.


We conducted some fieldwork from our school yard to judge the quality of our local area. We used a table to record our findings and rate each. We looked at the amount of litter, noise level, decorations and safety aspects. We then compared ‘Rosa Street’ to other streets that the children from our class live in and created scatter graphs to show how the quality of the environments changed in relation to the distance from the school.


We have been exploring where the ‘Roman Era’ sits in a chronological timeline of historical events. In addition, we have been exploring the reasons why the Romans came to Britain and why they build such a mighty, expensive wall – Hadrian’s Wall.

Planting Potatoes
Team up 2

Year 4 have completed the ‘Team up Kids’ programme. The programme blends the positive powers of physical activity and mental wellbeing techniques to support children to be ready to learn and succeed in life.

Design Technology

In DT pupils designed and made their own Roman catapult. Children talked about the catapults they built from construction equipment and which designs were effective – often the simpler the design, the easier it worked.

Computer Science

We made a Roman invasion game using Scratch.

Bridge Design

Pupils used creativity and imagination, to design and make a bridge that solved real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. Pupils learned how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens. Through the evaluation of past and present design and technology, they developed a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world.

Science – Electricity

Children learned about what electricity is and how it was discovered. They identified which appliances use electricity in their homes and how to keep themselves safe. Children constructed circuits, started to create pictorial circuits and conducted an investigation into how easily different types of switches can break and reconnect a circuit.

Durham Castle 

As part of our local study of Durham this term we visited Durham Castle and the local museum for a mapping session. The class visited the castle on the morning and then after lunch we developed our understanding of local history and how it has changed over time by looking at maps from different periods.

Djembe Drumming

Year 4 are having lots of fun learning to play the Djembe drums. We have the right to learn new skills!


Cycling Day

Year 4 enjoyed their session cycling session. We got incredibly hot and sweaty but it was great fun!



Year 4 enjoyed our Judo taster session with Destination Judo.