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Year 4 – Miss R Bennett


Children have loved developing their sculpting skills. We looked at a range of ways to manipulate clay and add detail. We spent lessons practicing our skills and then we created our own design.


Rosa Street had a visit from NERAP. They came into school to talk to our children from Year 2 to Year 6. The children found out lots more information about university. Children were shocked by the vast number of courses available to them. We learnt all about university societies and that there is something for everyone. Towards the end of our session, we drew what we would like to be when we grow up and even thought about societies we would like to join or even create in the future.

Design and Technology

In DT we looked at making simple circuits. Children made circuits that included a battery, wires, a bulb and switch. We looked at using a normal switch and them made out own switches using different materials.

PE – Indian Dance

In PE we have moved on to our Indian Dance unit. The children loved trying on some of the costumes.

Year 4 have loved working on their drumming skills during Autumn terms. Here is a video of them showing off some of their skills.

Computing – CAD (Computer Aided Design)

In computing we looked at a program called 3D Slash. Children experimented with the program and how it worked before designing their own bridges. We think they look amazing. Here are some of examples of our work.

Survival Training

Year 4 really enjoyed their visit from Chris. We learnt about different ways to survive in the outdoors. We looked at the impact of weather and how to protect ourselves as well as how to help someone if they have been injured. Thank Chris!


Year 4 2022-2023

Welcome to Year 4

We visited our local library and spent some time exploring all the different titles on offer.








We have been experimenting with materials and testing how states of matter change.



Year 4 enjoyed celebrating the Coronation or King Charles by wearing the colours of the Union Jack, taking part in a ‘crafternoon’ and decorating our classroom door with information of monarchs from the past, King Edward VII.




We have been learning to sculpt clay to make pottery pieces with a purpose. Can you see what our artwork have been designed for?




We enjoyed reading in different places for our ‘Readathon’ event. We even ventured to our Nursery and read as story with Mrs Wilson in their outdoor area.




To enrich our learning about Roman Britain, we visited Segedunum Roman fort. Fortunately, we walked around the ruins of the fort; learning lots about how the Romans lived many centuries ago.

In Science, we have been learning about ‘Sound’ and how sounds can be changed. We made our own panpipes to experiment with making high- and low-pitched sounds.

We learned new hula-hooping skills with the ‘Hoopstarz’ instructor. We have been showing off our impressive skills at play time.