Year 3 – Miss E Davison

Welcome to Year 3

Autumn Term


This half term our Science topic was Rocks and Soils.  We named different types of rocks and soils. Next, we tested them for their permeability.


We have been working on our games skills in PE.  Our core task is called three touch ball.  We have been practising different ways to pass the ball.


We has a taster session in hula hooping with Hoopstarz.


This term we have been finding out about the history of our school and local area.  Our school was built in 1879 during the Victorian era.  Life was very different then. We had a day of Victorian lessons to help us learn about school in the past.

Community Garden Project

This half term Year 3 have been helping out at the Community Gardens on Timothy Terrace in Spennymoor.  We have weeded, planted bulbs, checked the soil for moisture levels and harvested produce grown so far.

Look at our progress…

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