Year 3 – Mrs Grant

Welcome to Year 3

Our Class Work

Autumn 2


We are exploring gymnastics this half term so will be developing our ability to balance, roll, travel and jumps.



The children explored the fascinating effects that magnets can have on a paperclip by making one hover in the air!



The children worked in pairs to test the strength of a variety of different magnets and many were surprised to find that the largest magnet size wise was not the strongest.



Working in groups, the children investigated the effect that friction has on a toy car moving down a ramp!



The children have used cubes and counters this week to support their understanding of multiplication as the addition of equal groups.


Stone Age Residential Trip – Day 1

Year 3 have had an amazing time on their overnight trip to the Kingsway centre.

They started off by making up their beds and competing for the tidiest room!

Lunch time!


After lunch we explored a local woodland discussing what it would have been like to live back in the Stone Age and where the best place to build a shelter would be. We also all had a go at fire lighting!


Making Stone Age bread!


Toasting marshmallows and cooking our Stone Age bread!


Dinner time!


Our evening Stone Age quiz winners!


Stone Age Residential Trip – Day 2

After a good nights sleep we went for a hike up a nearby hill to visit a Stone Age burial site.




All ready to head back to school.


The children enjoyed creating their own electronic flip books.



The children used their models from last half terms art project to create their very own short stop animation films!


Autumn 1


We have started the new school year by creating our very own sculptures based on the work by the fit for life artist Keith Haring. First we created a wire skeleton and covered it with coloured plasticine. The wire frame means that we can move our sculpture and put it into different poses. This will be useful when we use them in our D.T. project next half term to create a short stop animation film.


Story Time

The children enjoy listening to a story at the end of each day.



In P.E. we are developing our throwing and catching skills to improve at our core task of three touch ball which is an adaptation of netball.



The children have enjoyed investigating different types of rocks and have created some fantastic questions to investigate during our topic of rocks and soils!



The children have been using place value counters to aid them in adding 3-digit numbers together.



The children enjoyed completing their first science experiment this afternoon where they were testing the drainage of different soil types. They created a hypothesis, equipment list and method before working in groups to record the amount of water that drained through the soil each minute for 3 minutes. They recorded their results in a results table.



This week the children have been developing their coding skills using the programme scratch. From this we looked at how to use the same coding skills to complete different Minecraft challenges on They have also had the opportunity to programme microbots to display different messages and images!



We were lucky enough to take part in a Judo taster session which the children thoroughly enjoyed!



The children had a fantastic session on their bikes completing a range of different challenges designed to improve their confidence and ability on their bikes.