Year 3 – Miss Davison

Welcome to Year 3

Our Class Work

Hello and Welcome to Year 3!

Spring Term

Here is a look at what Year 3 have been up to in Spring Term!

Easter Crafts

In the last week of term we had a lovely afternoon making our Easter crafts and decorating eggs.



Quidditch Day

Ebony from Go Well came and played Quidditch with us. We even had broomsticks just like Harry Potter!



We played Run the Loop in our games unit.



We visited our local church St. Paul’s.  We looked at the features of the church and back at school found out if they were the same in all churches.



We investigated shadows as part of our light topic.



We learnt about the history of our school.  It was built in 1879 in the Victorian times.  We had a Victorian school day and found out more about what it would be like when pupils attended our school in this time.



We made a house from wood.  We researched houses in the local area and measured wood to make our model.  We added features by joining a range of materials.  We learnt about architects, interior designers and builders.



Every Wednesday we have djembe drum lessons with Mr Henderson.


OAA (Outdoor Adventure Activities)

We worked with Chris from Thrills and Skills. We cooked marshmallows on a fire we built. In session 2 we built shelters.


Have a look at all the amazing things we have been learning in Autumn Term.

Stone Age Residential Trip to Middleton-in- Teesdale

In December, we went on our first overnight trip with school!  We battled the weather to make shelters in the wood.  Back at the centre we made flint tools and tested our hunting skills using archery equipment. The next day we learnt how to make a fire and cooked some bread on the fire. As well as learning about the Stone Age we built on our independent skills as we made our own beds and set the table for each meal and washed up afterwards. We had a brilliant time!



We learnt about ways to keep safe. We had a visit from our local PCSO who answered our questions about her job and how we can keep ourselves safe when we are in the car or out on our bikes.



We researched and drew Stone Age animals. Then we used Mod-Roc to make our own Stone Age animal sculptures. It was quite messy but lots of fun!



In computing we have been coding!  Luke who is a computer programmer came into class to help us use Scratch, Logo Turtle and we made our own Flappy Game using our coding skills.


We have been cooking in DT!

We made vegetable stew.  First, we thought about the ingredients used in the Iron Age for stew and compared it to what is available today.  Then we tasted some existing flavours of soups.

We learnt how to chop, dice and slice the vegetables.  Finally we tasted the soup.  In our evaluation some people liked it and some people didn’t.


In science we learnt about forces and magnets. We explored push and pull forces.  We investigated the friction of different surfaces.  We explored magnetic materials and investigated the strength of magnets.


We started the topic by observing replica artefacts from Stone Age to Iron Age. We particularly looked at what the items were made from as this is the main development across this period of time.


We have been learning about rocks and soils. We looked carefully at the different types of rocks and investigated if each rock was permeable or impermeable.


We have been learning about games this half term.  We completed a core task called ‘Three Touch Ball.’ We used a range of items to throw.  We needed to perfect our throwing and catching skills to score the most points in the game.

Team Up

We have worked with Gareth from Go Well for 5 weeks.  We were learning about our brains. Gareth brought the brainy bunch characters to help us to understand our emotions.

We now have brain breaks throughout the day to help us with our learning.


Summer 1

This half term our ‘Ancient Egypt’ topic was history based. We had a topic day to begin our history work.  We worked with Durham Oriental Museum for the morning and saw a real mummy’s case!  We explored lots of artefacts used in mummification.


We followed instructions on how to mummify a tomato and wrote our own mummification instructions!



We have been learning about plants.  We started our topic by planting some radishes in the school garden. We have also named the different parts of a flower and found out about the jobs the different parts do. We dissected daffodils.


We have used the core task ‘Run the loop’ to begin to play rounders.  We are using our throwing and catching skills to field and have developed our striking skills in our sessions.

Easter Activities

We had a week long Easter theme to end the term.  We retold the Easter story and focused on events from Palm Sunday.  We acted out what Christians believe happened.  We decorated Easter eggs for the competition using paints.

PE Gymnastics

We have been working on balancing and rolling this half term.

Comic Relief

We took part in a crazy hair day for Comic Relief!


We have been learning about light.  We went outside to find out more about shadows.  We thought about light sources, darkness and investigated reflective materials.

Lockdown Learning 2021

In Spring most of us had to learn at home using Teams.  Some of us worked in bubbles in school.  Here are some of the things we learnt about.

We read the story of the Lambton Worm.  We made own models of the worm to describe. We retold the story orally as it would have been many years ago and produced a written version of the text.


Year 3 were finding out about Stonehenge.  They used photo and a film to help them make their own version of Stonehenge using a range of resources.


We found out about the human body and made and labelled human skeletons.


We worked on the 5 ways to wellbeing as part of Children’s Mental Health Week. We sent messages to others to stay connected and we took part in dances to stay active and express ourselves.

We designed some entries for the Go Well Brainy Bunch competition to promote ways to stay mentally fit and well.


We thought about Healthy Eating. We looked at the Eat Well plate.  We talked about the different types of nutrients and how it helps our body.


Children in our school bubbles enjoyed some djembe drumming sessions with Mr Henderson.  All of Year 3 will take part in sessions in Summer 2.

Christmas Time

Merry Christmas from everyone in Year 3!  We wore Christmas jumpers and had a delicious Christmas Dinner.


In November we wore odd socks to start our work for Anti Bullying week.


We also took part in Joe Wicks 24hour challenge for Children in Need.


In Geography we have been learning about earthquakes.

In Design Technology we explored strong structures to make an earthquake proof model building. We investigated what material would be the strongest out of straws and lolly sticks.


In Science we have enjoyed learning about rocks and soils. We have observed rocks and compared them.

We were scientists and tested soils to find out if they were permeable or impermeable.


Our Autumn topic is the Stone Age.  We have read Stone Age Boy and created our own story maps making changes to the story.

In RE we have been learning about Hinduism.  We have talked about how Hindus worship and retold the story of Rama and Sita.  We made our own diva lamps in Art using clay.