Year 2 – Mrs Grant

Welcome to Year 2

Our Class Work

Spring 2:

Easter Crafts:

We had a fantastic time decorating our hard boiled eggs for the egg competition!


We enjoyed being back in class so that we could work with the practical resources again. We started by looking at 2D and 3D shapes which we had started in home learning. Here we were finding different ways to sort the 3D shapes.


Our unit this half term was ‘It’s Good To Be Me!’ and for one of the sessions the children had to draw themselves and label all of the reasons why they think it is good to be them.


We had a fantastic time in Year 2 researching, designing and then making our very own wheeled vehicle. We loved getting to test out the different wheel shapes to find the best ones then saw the wooden dowels to make our axels. Once we had made our vehicles, we tested them on a ramp to see which would go the furthest. Scarlett’s vehicle was the undisputed winner!


In geography, we have been using maps to locate and label the 4 Nations of the United Kingdom as well as using a world map to locate where the UK is and the two countries Kenya and Sri Lanka where our partner schools are located. We also looked at the difference between a human and physical geographical feature. This unit was started as home learning but finished in school as we were finally allowed to return as a full class.

Spring 1:

Even though most of us have been working from home, here in Year 2 we have still been working very hard and trying our best with all of the challenges set!


We have covered lots of different topics and texts within our English home learning and here are some examples of our postcard writing, twisted fairy tale stories based on Rapunzel and some examples of the dragons we designed.


Even at home and in our key worker bubbles, the children did a fantastic job at completing the multiplication and division unit followed by our statistics unit.


Our unit over home learning has been ‘Every Day Materials and their Properties’. We started out with identify different objects and the materials they were made from. Where possible the children have enjoyed running their own experiments from home to test the properties of everyday materials too find out things like which is the most waterproof and which has the highest elasticity. We used our finding to think about why certain materials are used for particular jobs. Finally we looked at the difference between raw materials and synthetic materials and looked at how the synthetic material glass is made by combining different raw materials together using heat.


We looked at the artwork of Claude Monet and then had a go at recreating some of his famous pieces. We looked at how Monet was famous for doing the same painting many times but at different times of day or year or even many years apart. He often showed the time differences in the colours that he used.


In RE we looked at how Christians welcome people into the church and in particular we looked at how baptisms and christenings are used to welcome babies into the church.


In Spring our unit was ‘History Makers’. For this unit we looked at lots of history makers to start with to help us figure out who a history maker was and we found that it is someone who is remembered for something they did (good or bad) that had an effect on society and other people. We then looked closer at the two history makers; Guy Fawkes and Queen Elizabeth I.

Autumn 2:

Christmas in Year 2:

We have had a lovely time in Year 2 celebrating the run up to the holidays with our Christmas jumper day, Christmas dinner, decorating our class tree, craft afternoons and of course our party!


We have enjoyed writing our very own set of instructions here in Year 2 to help our friend Badger to make his own delicious sandwich since his sandwich became disgusting! Here are some pictures of us making our own delicious honey or jam sandwiches to help us learn all of the steps we would need to tell Badger.


To support our understanding of addition and subtraction this half term, we have been using counters and ten frames as well as base 10.


Our topic for Autumn 2 has been ‘Animals including Humans’. We started by looking at how animals have babies and sometimes they look like a smaller version of the adult and other times they can look very different. We also learned some of the names of baby animals like calf and foal. We then looked at the life cycle of humans and how we grow from babies to toddlers, to children, to teenagers, to adults and finally to being elderly. To finish off our unit of work we looked at what we as humans need to be healthy and how exercise effects our bodies.


Gymnastics has been our unit for this half term and we have enjoyed learning different balances, rolls, jumps and ways to travel.


As part of our cooking unit we researched, designed and made our very own healthy sandwich. We also made our own butter from cream. It was very tiring as it needed lots of shaking but it tasted delicious! We also had a lot of fun taste testing the different sandwich fillings to choose one we liked.


We used the app Pic Collage to design and make our own Christmas wrapping paper which we then used to make Christmas crackers!


As part of our geography unit ‘Farm to Fork’, we had a Farmers Day where the children came to school dressed as a farmer and we spent the day learning more about what life was like working on a farm. We learned about life on a dairy farm, played guess the farm animal, cut up different vegetables to make our own homemade soup (which was delicious!) and then we planted our own seeds and potatoes. We even had a go at milking our own class cow! Finally to end the day we created our very own giant art attack of a farm using the animals we had brought in from home.

Autumn 1:


In English we have been using the book ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ as our class text so today we explored our paddock and yard are to see what would make our own sandwiches disgusting! We then used this experience to help us write our own version of the story.


We have been using ten frames and natural materials from out outdoor areas to help us create different 2-digit numbers as we explore the place value of tens and ones.


This half term we have been investigating and learning about plants. This included growing our own sunflowers and cress. We loved measuring them each week to see how they were doing!


This half term we have been working on our ability to throw and catch a ball accurately as well as developing our team work and sportsmanship skills.


We have been investigating the Pointillism technique and the artist Georges Seurat. We started off by testing different tools for making dots and then different materials to make the dots from. We then designed and made our final artworks on mini-canvases which were inspired by our history topic ‘The Great Fire of London’.


In computing we have been learning how to take and edit pictures on an iPad. We looked at how to use the camera app and the different effects we could add both before and after taking a photo. We then looked at taking videos, slow motion videos and panoramas.


For our history topic this half term we have been discovering what caused the Great Fire of London and as part of our work we designed an improved version of a London street to help make sure that there could never be a second great fire! We looked at putting the houses further apart and using building materials that would not burn easily.

Spring Term

World Book Day

We read the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit.’  On World Book Day we dressed up as different colours of crayons. We wrote our own letters from the crayons and equipment in our classroom.


Intra Sports Day

We had a whole school competition between our team point groups.  Joe came in from the Sedgefield SSP to help Year 6 run the event.  We focused on Athletic skills and were running, jumping and throwing.


Auckland Castle Visit

We visited Auckland Castle in Bishop Auckland for the day.  We had lots of fun finding out about the different Bishops of Durham that have lived in the castle.  We visited lots of different parts of the castle and explored the outdoors. We learnt how to be a knight.  We retold the local story of Pollard and the Boar to end the day.


This half term in Year 2 we have been learning about Castles.

We made our own castles as part of our homework.

Rights Respecting Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.



Rights Respecting Article 28: You have a right to an education.

This term in Science we have been learning about Materials and their properties. We began with a materials hunt around the classroom.  We found lots of plastic items and discussed that some plastic is hard and some plastic items are made to bend. We investigated the strength of materials.

Intra School Sports Day

Rights Respecting Article 29: You have the right to develop your talents and abilities to your full potential

We joined in with an Intra School Sport Day. We aimed to improve our personal best.  Our focus was Athletics and we used our running, throwing and jumping skills.  In Year 2 Green Dragons collected the most counters but overall in school Red Eagles won the most counters.

Fit for Life

Rights Respecting Article 24: You have the right to information to help live a healthy lifestyle.

We have used Go Noodle in our Fit for Life sessions this half term.






Design Technology

Rights Respecting Article 13: You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, and writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.

In DT we have designed a wheeled vehicle for a King or a Queen. First we had to investigate how to make a working axle.

Next we got a shoebox and decorated it. Then we used the tools to cut the wood to make the axle.


Christmas Activities in Year 2

In RE we discussed what a Christingle is made from and what it reminds Christians of at Christmas time. We made our own.


We had a Christmas craft afternoon.  Our adults came to help us.


We visited Santa at the Town Hall.



We sang Wise Men, Wise Men as part of the Christmas production I’m Gonna Shine.


We raised money for Save the Children on Christmas Jumper Day.  We also ate Christmas dinner.


Autumn Term 2


As part of our work on Remembrance Week we created our own art work using Pointillism effect.  We researched the work Georges Seurat and tested different colouring materials to create our dots.



We visited Trinity Church to go on a Christmas journey. We took part in the Christian nativity story.  The puppet show was our favourite part.


International Afternoon

International students from Durham University came in to talk to us about what it is like to live in France, Sweden and China. We were learning to speak French and how to count in Swedish.


Relax Kids

In Autumn 2 we had weekly Relax Kids sessions with Mrs Waugh.


Careers Afternoon

We had lots of visitors that came in to school and told us about their jobs.


Our Autumn topic was ‘Food Glorious Food.’ In Autumn 1 we thought about where food comes from and the jobs involved in getting our food from farm to fork.


Hall Hill Farm

We visited the farm to find out about animals and their babies as part of our Science work.  We saw some new born piglets. We enjoyed being farmers for the day, feeding the animals and milking the cows.


Cycling Day

We had fun riding around the obstacle course on balance bikes and our own bikes.


Judo Taster

We took part in a Judo taster session.  It was lots of fun!



We worked with Joe from the Sedgefield Sports Partnership to work on our fundamental movement and football skills.



We enjoyed reading ‘The Disgusting Sandwich.’  We worked in the outdoor area to find our own ways the sandwich could turn into the disgusting sandwich.  We used these ideas to write our own stories.



We used tuned and untuned instruments to enhance our performance of Hands, Feet, Heart from Charanga.



We made our own butter.  We had to shake the ingredients for a long time.  We made sandwiches and we invited our grown-ups in to help us make and eat them.


Healthy Me

We have talked lots about ways to keep ourselves healthy.

The School Nurse came to talk to us about how to look after our teeth.