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Year 1 – Miss E Davison

Year 1 2023/24

Welcome to Year 1

We are Geographers!

In the first session on ‘Our School’ we followed a map around the school grounds.  We identified different points around the outside area and took our own photos of what we found





We are Artists!

In Year One we are learning to weave. We were weaving paper strips to create our own fish design.






As part of National Storytelling Week we invited parents and carers into our classes to listen to a story.





We are Musicians!

In our Hey You! Unit of work we learnt a new song. Next we learnt to play the c note on the xylophone.  We explored loud and quiet sounds with our instrument.  We had to learn to start and stop like a conductor in the orchestra.





We are Computer Programmers!

We used the computing mice.  We found out what each button was for and programmed the mice to move around a mat to collect some items.





We even made our own mats and routes to collect items.





We are Team Year One!

Comic Relief

We had a crazy hair day for Comic Relief.  We talked about how the money we raised will help people in Britain and across the world.

World Book Day

We dressed as our favourite book characters or our pyjamas to celebrate World Book Day.  We had special story times throughout the day.

We sang ‘Say Goodbye’ in our Christmas production.  The lyrics told us to share a smile with our friends.

We had an Outdoor Adventure Taster session with Chris from Skills and Thrills.  We worked on our team building skills.

We wore Red to show Racism the Red Card in October.  We talked about our protected characteristics linked to race.  We found out about the life of Betty Campbell.  She was the first black head teacher in Wales and changed educational policy.

We are Scientists!

Science Week

We had a visit from Mrs Robinson who brought in a snake, a frog and a spider for us to see.  We talked about where the animals live in the world. We were very brave when the frog jumped!

We have been learning about Materials.

We explored our classroom and found examples of wood, metal, glass and plastic.

Our next material to investigate was rock.  We observed different rocks.  We drew pictures and talked about what we could see. We used magnifying glasses to have a closer look.

We tested materials to see if they would float or sink.  We made play dough boats but they sank when we tested them!

We found out that when ice melts it turns back in to water.

We had to help rescue Spiderman from the ice. We chose to use a hairdryer to melt the ice quickly to free him.  We predicted this would be the fastest way to melt the ice because it had hot air.


We looked for signs of autumn in the outdoor environment.  We found brown leaves that had started to fall from the trees.  We also found lots of conkers!

Year 1 2022/23

Welcome to Year 1

Fire Department 

We had a visit from the Fire Department. They came into school to talk about Bonfire Night safety. They told us how to keep safe and what we should do and tips such as putting a sparkler in a carrot so it is further away from our hand and body. We were able to go outside and look at the fire engine. They even let use spray the hose.


In RE we have been looking at the question ‘What can we learn about Christianity from visiting a church?’ We walked to our local church. The class loved looking around the church and finding out about what Christians do in church. We listened to the organ and sang ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’.