Year 1 – Mrs Tugwell

Welcome to Year 1

Our Class Work

Home Learning

Year 1 have been doing some wonderful work at home during our spring term. Here are some pictures of their fairy tale lands and creatures.


Autumn 2 – History

This term in our history lessons we have been looking at WW1 or The Great War. Children learnt about the importance of animals in the war and some of the amazing jobs they were responsible for. We looked at home times have changed since then and how people’s lives were impacted. The class really enjoyed writing their own telegrams and coded messages.


Autumn 2 – DT

This term in DT we focused on cooking and nutrition. We discussed the food groups and which foods are healthy. Then, we used this information to design our own healthy sandwich. Children used their cutting skills to create a healthy snack.

Autumn 2 – Computing

This term in computing we worked on digital literacy and being safe online. We used our phonics skills to use a child friendly online search engine.


Autumn 1 – RE

This term in RE we have been focusing on the religion Christianity. Unfortunately, we were unable to walk to our local church to have a look around. So we arranged a virtual visit. Children loved talking to Reverend Matt Tarling and they asked him lots of questions. Children were able to link what they had learnt in our lessons and find them in the church.


Autumn 1 – Art

This term in art we have been looking at the artist Michelle Reader. She is an artist that uses recycled material to create sculptures. The children looked at Michelle’s work and identified what they liked about her work. They then created their own sculpture using recycled materials that we collected.


In DT our topic this half term was moving pictures. As our theme is ‘Fairy tales’ we looked at a range of different fairy tale moving pictures. The pictures moved in different way and we had to use a range of tools to recreate some of the pictures we had looked at. The pictures also helped us to tell the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’.


We recently had some small fluffy visitors. Harrison’s mum brought in four fluffy chicks. We were all able to hold and stroke the little chicks while Harrison and his mum told us all about them.


This term we have been on a trip to Hardwick Park. We spent the morning exploring the park and learning about spring. As a class we enjoyed exploring the area and finding all of the signs that it is spring time.


Our unit in science has been ‘Everyday Materials’. We have completed lots of experiments to test the properties of materials. In the below experiment we were testing to see if the materials were waterproof.


As a school we all took part in World Book Day. Our book this year was ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. To start off the day we picked a book and either read it on our own or read it to a friend. This was a great way to encourage reading for pleasure. During the day we completed lots of fun activities based on our book.



On Friday 6th December Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 went to see Santa. Everyone received an early Christmas present.



As a school we want to make sure we are being active. In Year 1 we LOVE yoga! It is fantastic for our body, a great form of exercise and a nice way to relax.


Careers day

On our school Careers Day we were lucky enough to be visited by a team of fire fighters. We even went in their fire truck. It was amazing!



In Autumn 1 we loved learning about different animal groups and what they ate. We looked at animals that were carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Our five animal groups were amphibians, birds, reptiles, fish and mammals.



In art we have been using a range of recycled materials to design and make a sculpture. We were inspired by the work of Michelle Reader. As a class we know how important it is to recycle and look after our environment.


Relax Kids

In Autumn 1 it was our turn for relax kids. We all loved the different activities especially when we were able to bring our pillows and blankets in.


Shildon Railway Museum

Year 1 had an amazing trip this term linking to our history topic. We have been learning about George Stephenson and his impact on our local area, the country and his global impact. We had a wonderful day and saw some amazing things.



Over the course of this term we have had some fantastic PE sessions both inside and outside.