Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL)

Article 31:Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently been awarded the OPAL school gold award and have overhauled our playtimes to ensure that children get the best possible play experiences during their time at school.

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We will be using this page to keep you up to date with our developments and as always we rely on your continued support.

It is getting to the time of year when our grass is often wet and muddy.  Children will need wellies if they want to use the areas on the field on wet days.







Small World Toys

Our latest development is a storage box filled with small world toys and construction sets.







Article 31: Children have the right to play and rest.


We are very proud of our gardening area. All classes have planted vegetables this term and we are responsible for caring for them. You will often see us pulling out the weeds and watering them at play times. Our gardening club also maintain the area.

Article 29: Children’s education should help them use and develop their talents and abilities.

Mud Kitchen

Our mud kitchen; which was created by our very talented caretaker- Mr Foxton, has recently been introduced to the children. They are enjoying serving lunch for their friends in their ‘café’ to concocting magical potions using wild flowers and strands of fresh grass. Please come along and join us for a scrumptious mud pie!

Article 30: Children have the right to practice your own culture, language and religion.

Digging Area

Our digging area was developed when the children started to have an interest in excavating the large stones from a wall that was deconstructed to enlarge our outdoor space. Now you will find the children looking for ‘dinosaur bones’ and collecting a multitude of stones from the surrounding area. The children have hours of fun unearthing the unknown!

Article 31: Children have the right to play and rest.








Den Building

Our den building area has naturally developed following the children’s ideas. Our children enjoy moving the logs and sticks to create innovative dens. You can often see them inviting their friends inside their den around their make-shift ‘camp-fire’ or even being imaginative and creating stories about bears and wolves. This area is developing their children’s teamwork and cooperative skills as they are working together to create new structures collaboratively.

Article 29: Children’s education should help them use and develop their talents and abilities.


All of our children are having lots of fun exploring and experimenting with the sand. You can often see classes here too; using the sandpit for phonics by playing ‘buried treasure’ with real and nonsense words and playing ‘hide & seek’ by hiding tricky words with a partner. Our after school club ‘Jack in the Box’ are also frequently outside using the sandpit following the children’s interests.

Article 28 Children have the right to a good quality education.

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