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Y4 Be a Roman for the Day

OurYear 4 pupils are being challenged to create their own Roman outfit to wear inschool on Tuesday 17th November. Here is an example oftraditional Roman attire:
Boys: tunic,armour, shield, belt, sandals, cloak, sword, headband or a gold locketnecklace.
Girls: toga, dress,tunic, sandals, brooch, headband or a gold moon necklace. They will be taking part in a range of educational and experientialactivities to embrace and develop their learning about the Roman period oftime. We do not expect you to buy new costumes for thisday and we would much prefer home-made items that have been re-used. E.g. oldbed sheets made into a toga, swords made from cardboard and tinfoil,etc. These costume items do not need to be brought into school until Tuesday17th November. On this day the children will be wearingtheir costumes all day so they can come to school wearing them    


Nov 17 2020


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