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What does English look like at Rosa Street?

At Rosa Street we have created a curriculum that encourages all children, regardless of their background or ability, to become enthused and engaged with all aspects of English. We have worked hard to provide our children with rich and varied learning opportunities, both in class and through wider experiences, which help them to become confident and enthusiastic learners. This links to our International work with Sri Lankan and Spanish schools, Rights Respecting work and Educate and Celebrate. We want our children to have a positive attitude towards communication and to be able to independently express their thoughts and their ideas. We are passionate about teaching our children the importance of their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills in the real world and in their future careers. By giving this context to their learning, the children understand the value of English to them now, and in their futures.

When our children leave Rosa Street we expect them to be avid readers, children who read fluently and widely and are able to express preferences and opinions about the texts that they read. We want them to read for pleasure, having had access to a wide range of text types, genres and authors in order for them to make informed opinions about their favourites.

We want children who write with confidence and accuracy for a variety of purposes and audiences whilst developing their own individual flair. We want our children to be able to write with grammatical accuracy and be able to apply spelling patterns correctly using a neat cursive handwriting style. We aim to expose our children to a wide range of ambitious vocabulary so that they able to decipher new words and then use them correctly, in context, when speaking both informally and formally. We also aim for our children to apply all of these English skills to all areas of the curriculum. Texts are also chosen to link to our Educate and Celebrate work where appropriate.  It is the aim that children can see themselves and families represented in books and characters that they study.

There are many different ways in which the understanding of pupils will be evidenced. Work will be in books and could take the form of photographs, floor books and video evidence to showcase all aspects of English learning opportunities.  There is detailed progression, linked to the National Curriculum to show the different aspects of English across year groups and also across the key stages.

As children reach the end of their time at Rosa Street, they will have gained a deep understanding of all aspects of written and spoken English to take with them into their next stage of learning.