Cleves Cross Learning Trust

Cleves Cross Learning Trust was established as a Multi Academy Trust on 1st November 2013. The members and directors of the Trust were initially formed from the school Local Governing Body of Cleves Cross Primary School.

The overriding aim of the Trust was to be able to continue to provide an outstanding education to the pupils of Cleves Cross Primary School and to be able to share their ethos, vision, systems and strengths to the wider community of schools in the local area, particularly to those schools identified by the local authority and Ofsted as in need of support.

As a local school, the Trust was keen to support the staff, pupils, parents and governors of Rosa Street in their difficult and challenging journey to re-establish a good – or better, educational provision. The journey began in September 2014 when Rosa Street Primary School converted to a sponsored academy and became part of the Cleves Cross Learning Trust.

Since that time, a strong and effective partnership has developed between both schools at many levels. Rosa Street has changed dramatically and staff, pupils and children have enjoyed collaborating across many curriculum and organizational aspects of school life.

The Trust Directors hope that by perusing the revamped school website, and perhaps even visiting school, you will see that Rosa Street Primary School has moved from strength to strength. We are still on a journey, as every school should always be, as we will never be ‘done’. All children across the Trust are entitled to the very best educational and social experiences that we can deliver, and that is something we will all continue to have as our goal.

Alison Lazenby
Chief Executive Officer
Cleves Cross Learning Trust

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Cleves Cross Primary School
Cleves Cross
County Durham
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