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Art & Design

Art and Design Statement of Intent

At Rosa Street Primary School we believe that children deserve a broad and
balanced curriculum. Children have the right to develop and expand upon their
skills and talents, which we want to nurture and grow. We aim to develop a lifelong
enthusiasm for art and design in our children. We seek to engage, inspire and
challenge all children by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to explore,
experiment and create their own works of art, craft and design. Here at Rosa Street,
our curriculum provides a carefully structured, broad and balanced sequence of
learning from reception to Year 6 to ensure progressive development of lasting
knowledge and skills. We believe it is vital to children’s learning and understanding.
We ensure that we adjust our curriculum and teaching in line with the needs and
views of learners.

Through our broad and balanced art and design curriculum children are introduced
to a range of works by famous artists, designers and craftspeople. This is to help
children develop their knowledge of a variety of styles within the art and design
industry. We want to broaden children’s understanding to open their minds to the
wider art and design industry. Our children are given a wide range of opportunities
to share and express their thoughts and opinions. Children are taught to use a
variety of key vocabulary to accurately articulate their feelings and opinions.
Through the art and design curriculum children are provided with a variety of
opportunities to develop their skills. Children work on a variety of areas such as
painting, printing, collage and 3D work. Children are given the time and opportunity
to think about and reflect upon their work. They are encouraged to discuss how they
can develop and improve their work.

The art and design industry is ever growing and here at Rosa Street we want to make
children aware of where their talents can lead them. The Art and Design curriculum
inspires and stimulates children’s imaginations and creativity. Children are given the
opportunity to develop their appreciation of art and design through exploring the
world around them and learning from others. By the end of our children’s time at
Rosa Street we want our children to have an understanding and appreciation of art
and design in the world around them.