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Aims, Ethos and Vision

Our school aims to consider the uniqueness and individual needs of its pupils by delivering a broad, balanced differentiated and relevant curriculum. We will promote our trust values of; care, ambition, respect, resilience and teamwork.

Each child is considered as a whole person developing skills, concepts and attitudes necessary for the opportunities and experiences of the future. We aim to prepare children to reach their full potential as responsible citizens.

Our school aspires to value everyone associated with it, irrespective of age, position, race, gender, background or ability. We endeavour to motivate, support and inspire personal, spiritual, emotional and educational growth in a safe and secure environment.

We aim to unite, parents, pupils, governors, staff, L.A. and the local community, through agreed school policies, which aim to deliver a quality educational service.

We have achieved our Level 2 Rights Respecting Schools Award and we continue to develop this ethos within school as well as encourage the children to become active citizens within their community and on a global scale.